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2006-2007 Will be Year of Education

The new Executive Committee, which was appointed on 2nd September 2006, headed by Justice Saleem Marsoof, will take education as the main theme for the year and several projects are being planned. On 28th June 2006 the Group of 60 Education and Welfare Committee inaugurated its Seminar Series for students preparing for the GCE (Advanced Level) examination to be held in April 2007. The objective of the project was to provide special lectures to supplement the classes conducted by Zahira College so that the students will be able to develop their knowledge as well as examination technique to produce better results. The Seminar will be conducted in 3 stages, the first of which was successfully completed in June. The second stage of the Seminar will be worked out on 1st and 2nd November 2006, and the project will be completed with the third stage of the Seminar which will be scheduled for February or Mach 2007. The Education and Welfare Committee is also planning a similar seminar series for students of Zahira sitting the GCE (O/L) examination to be held in December 2007. The group has also launched the Marhoom Senator A.M.A. Azeez Scholarship Fund to provide scholarships to brilliant and needy students of Zahira College. The Committee solicits your suggestions in regard to any other way in which educational standards at Zahira can be improved.
The Education and Welfare Committee consists of Justice Saleem Marsoof P.C. (Chairman), Mr. A.J.H.S.Illyas (Secretary), Professor Tuly de Zylva and Messers Salahudeen Cader, Ashroff Hussain, Ibrahim Hameed and Munsif Hussain.
The topmost picture shows the Governor of the Western Province, Hon.As-Seyed Alavi Moulana, Principal Zahira College, Mr. M.Abdul Ahad, then Group of 60' President, Sam Macan Markar, Chairman of the Education and Welfare Committee Justice Saleem Marsoof , Committee Secretary Mr. A.J.H.S. Illyas and Com. Member Mr. Salahudeen Cader at the head table. The pictures below that show the President Sam Macan Markar addressing the gathering and the College Head Prefect delivering the vote of thanks. The other two pictures show part of the invitees, guests and students who assembled at Gaffoor Hall for the inauguration of the project,

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