Selasa, 16 Maret 2010


Shocked and moved by the devastation caused by the Tsunami, The Zahira College Group of 60’ played a significant role to help the affected students of Zahira National School, Hambantota and other schools in Hambantota, Kirinda and Lunugamwehera. A delegation comprising of Hon. Justice Saleem Marsoof P.C., Mrs. Muneera Marsoof, Messrs A.H.Ghouzul Ameen, Kaleel Mohamed, Salahudeen Cader, S.M.A. Wahab and M. Azmeer visited Hambantota. This trip was organized with the help of Mr. Azmi Thassim, Director General, Chamber of Commerce, Hambantota.

The delegation was welcomed by Mr. Azmi Thassim and a group of Old Zahirians living in Hambantota. The visit to Zahira Hambantota was very nostalgic. The delegation was received by the Acting Principal, Teachers and students of the College. The Acting Principal, Mr. M.H.M. Naseer in his welcome address said that the College was started in 1911 as a Tamil School under the name of Dharmakabeer, later which was named Zahira School and thereafter renamed Zahira National School. He said that Marhoom Sham Mahroof as the Mayor and later as the Member of Parliament helped the College in providing buildings. There are 950 students and over 100 students were killed by Tsunami. The Principal, teacher Sahardeen's entire family and Teacher Arafa's husband died in the Tsunami.

As a gesture of our goodwill, one VCD player and set of microphones were presented by the leader of the delegation to the Principal of Hambantota Zahira. Mr. Salahudeen Cader brought some Gents and ladies' wrist watches and three of each were presented to the Principal to be given to the most deserving prefects. The delegation also visited other schools in Kirinde and Lunugamwehera, and made similar presentations. Later, the Group of 60’ formed the Education for Progress Foundation, of which the present President is Al Haj A.H.Ghouzul Ameen, with a view of broad-basing the efforts to help our schools in the Provinces, particularly in the Tsunami affected areas, to improve their educational standards.

Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth. The similitude of His light is as a niche wherein is a lamp. (Surah 24:35)

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